We are glad to see you on our site!

We are glad to see you on our site!

The joint limited liability company "Metal Chain Factory" was created on July 12th, 2010 as a chain manufacturer for energy, coal, mining, fishing, cement, sugar and woodworking industries.

The company has studied and implemented the technological experience, knowledge and professionalism of the specialists of leading chain manufacturers.

We produce chain segments starting from 3 links up to 50 meters, depending on the customer`s requirements, with high accuracy of chain sizes. Due to a special calibration process we can supply matched pairs of any length.

The purpose of our factory is the production of chains which satisfy the highest customer`s requirements.
We are sure our chains will be always strong and with long service life.

The round link chains are designed for use in face conveyors, stage loaders and ploughs.

To correspond to the strict requirements of mining industry, our chains are produced from high-strengh steel, designed by the world leaders of iron -and steel industry.

The success of our company is possible thanks to the professionalism of the personnel, and also thanks to the deep confidence in the necessity for regular investment both in the equipment, and in a manpower.

Metal Chain Factory